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Interior sessions are based on a creative fee which includes: 4 hour time on location, retouching fee, & licensing usage. You will receive 40 high-resolution, re-touched images.

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This is for any non-interior, commercial photography shoots. From product photography to campaigns, I've got you covered. Let's elevate your business.

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Family photos are frozen moments in time, and cherished forever. If you like golden sunlit backgrounds, candid laughs, and dreamy landscapes; let's make some magic together.

I offer two packages, click to learn more.

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I. How long does it take to photograph interiors?

Interior photography is a slow paced, detailed process. Adding/subtracting light, adjusting decor, & determining composition are just a few steps I take before the photo is even captured. Half, full and multi day sessions are common for this type of photography.

II. Should I style my projects for sessions?

To create eye-catching imagery and maximize our time together, I recommend staging your spaces to be fully ready to shoot before hand. This will make our time together seamless, and create a story within the space.

III. What type of lighting do you use?

I use ambient light for the majority of my shots, however, I do have an off-camera light when needed. I try to make the lighting and colors as true to life as possible.

IV. How can I lower the cost of an interior photography session?

Multiple parties are able to license images from the photographer for one session. This practice will alleviate the need for each trade to find and hire a photographer. The more parties involved, the higher the discount.

V. Can I send final photos to trade and third parties?

Unless you have obtained a license to do so, base packages do not include any third party sharing. This includes social media shares. If any other person or entity would like to use the images for their own usage, they have the option to purchase the license from the photographer. If you know prior to the session that a contractor, supplier, architect or designer wants to use the images, the discount can be applied up front.

VI. How long does it take to receive my images?

Editing images is a very time consuming job. Especially for a perfectionist like me. It normally takes two weeks for me to turn around a session. Sometimes, things can run longer, but if that is the case, I will communicate with you.

VIII. How long do you keep final images archived?

I will store final images for one year after delivery date. I recommend that you back up your images in a few locations immediately after you receive them

VIII. How often do you communicate?

I am a busy mom, juggling many different clients and projects. I try my best to respond as promptly as I can, however, sometimes life happens. Please note that during busy seasons, it can take up to 24 - 48 hours to return texts, phone calls or emails. I always appreciate your patience.


Unless you have obtained a copyright, all photographs are owned by the photographer. Image licensing is where you purchase the rights to use a photo and gain permission from the photographer to use them in a specific way. The photographer sets certain terms & conditions that must be met in order for the image to be used. Depending on the type of use, you may need to purchase additional licensing to use the images in your marketing plans. This license will typically include: type of use, location and other restrictions that are set by the photographer. It is important to understand the terms of your license so you are fully aware of what you are actually purchasing and you do not violate any copyright laws. Think of it this way - purchasing a song on iTunes! When you buy a song from an artist you do not now own the copyrights; you have only paid a small fee to listen to it for personal use.

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