Commercial photographer

Hello, I'm Kate.

As a commercial photographer specializing in interior design photography, I create high-quality imagery that elevates brands and gets to the soul of their story. Whether it's showcasing the beauty of a luxury spec home or highlighting the unique charm of a boutique shop, I am dedicated to capturing stunning images that evoke emotion. My attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every element is perfectly crafted to create visually compelling imagery.



With 15 years in the business of photography, content creation and social media management, I am beyond confident that my diverse expertise will drive engagement and elevate your online presence. I have worked in-house for Modern Nest, Market by Modern Nest, Guided Home Design, StyleMe GHD and the AC Marriott Hotel, helping them craft unique stories online, through compelling imagery, creative copy writing, and calendar management - all while creating a visually cohesive feed that is impactful and engaging.

Interior photography is an art form that requires both technical skill and a creative eye. when done well, it has the power to inspire and transport THE viewer.

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